Joe Brown

Do you know who Joe Brown is?  I would not be surprised if you answered"no" to this question.  Joe did most of his incredible rock climbing over 50 years ago.  He changed the sport forever, but in today's climbing world little attention is paid to how we got here.  It is said that he was so famous that the Post Office would deliver mail that was simply addressed to: The Human Fly, UK.

Buying Online

I get plenty of mountaineering equipment catalogs in the mail.  Sometimes I'll see something that makes me go online to the company's website to check out the item or sale or whatever.  It happened to me today when I received a mailing from REI and it got me thinking: I have been using the same 6 or 7 online retailers when I'm shopping for gear for the last 10 years or so.  Could I be missing out?  What are your favorite online retailers for climbing gear and why?


High Adventure Expeditions Launches New Website

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