May 6 - Pokalde Ri

Rising early at 04:00 Hugo, Doug, Ade, Dendi, Gyalzey and Nima set off to climb Pokalde. Lottie decided to rest in camp. Pokalde is a very tall and steep rock spire that soars nearly 20,000 feet into the sky. Gyalzey was the only member who had climbed this peak, so he took the lead running out the rope for the team to follow. Some very real rock climbing was involved, but eventually everyone stood together on the tiny summit for pictures. For our porter Nima, this was the first mountain he had ever climbed and therefore a very special occasion in his quest to become a climbing Sherpa. Extra handshakes all round!
After a fun but uneventful descent from the mountain we all rested back at camp with a nice lunch, but our day was not quite done. We packed away the camp and headed down the valley to the village of Chukkung. We arrived in the cloudy late afternoon and settled into our room in the Yakland Lodge. A really great day!