May 4 base camp to Gorak Shep (16,900 ft)

Lottie's Report: Today was hard - not the hardest I've done so far, but I was tired in body and mind. It was a three and a half hour walk to Gorak Shep, which is a bit of a detour off our route mainly for us to visit Everest base camp to get that tick in the box. [keep reading...]
It was a long slog along the Khumbu glacier which runs down from Everest. We were climbing up and down over rocky paths with the altitude still crushing me at every upwards step. Ade and Doug were strong and pushed on ahead, and I lagged behind walking slower than I've ever walked. But guess who was with me again – Dendi. Just quietly keeping me company the whole way. I eventually arrived at our lodge for the night and knew that I was never going to make the 2 hour walk up to Everest Base Camp which was our intent - I don't need that tick! We stayed in the lodge I took another bucket shower the first time I'd washed (with soap and water) and washed my hair for 6 days - so feel partly human.