Dole to Machermo and Gokyo Ri

Lottie's description of our trek:
Day 5 - Dole (13,800ft) to Machherma (14,600ft)
Our 5th day of the trekking was only a couple of hours before we reached the next stop in Machherma at 14,600ft. Here was the dilemma - because we had made good time, we could just have tea and press on to our next stop Gokyo, or we could stay and do a short acclimatization climb up to about 15,600ft and then come back down. Hugo and Dendi decided that we should stay and despite my sore legs and feeling absolutely shattered, we went for our climb which was actually great. We didn't carry packs and although the hill we climbed was pretty steep and hard work, it was worth it for the views at the top of the ridge.
Day 6 - Machherma (14,600ft) to Gokyo (15,600)
A "relatively" easy trek today (can't believe I'm even saying that!). Much of the walk contoured the mountains so the climb up is much more gentle. Waterfalls were cascading down the mountains and the pools looked inviting, but they were filled with probably the coldest water you've ever felt. It's getting colder now, nothing really growing, and the landscape is quite primeval.
We walked through an amazing field of cairns along the three Gokyo lakes, which are filled with deep turquoise blue/green water and mostly iced over. With snow capped mountains towering above them, including the impressive Cho Oyo- the 6th biggest mountain in the world at over 26,500ft. Sitting right on the edge of the third lake is our lodge for the night. Here, we have a room with an amazing view of the lake and Gokyo Ri- our first peak!