Time to Get Ready

Its that time of year when climbers who will be heading to the Himalayas in a couple of months get serious about making sure they're ready to go.
Airline tickets should've been purchased by now and the final payments are due to the expedition companies, but the most exciting thing about this time of year is making sure you have all the right gear.  Years ago this meant planning a trip to one of the nearby cities that had a mountaineering shop, or possibly pouring over a catalogue from Cotswold Camping (UK) or REI (US).  Nowadays its much easier: just go online and visit the seemingly endless supply of online retailers ready to ship (usually for free) any climbing gear you want. And we want it all!
I might own 4 thick down jackets that to the untrained eye look identical, but that's no reason that I can't "treat" myself to another one for this upcoming expedition!  Hmm, what do I want to buy.....  I've got to go, I've got shopping to do.


What do you like for boots?