Summit push is on !

Bill and Ade woke to clear weather on Wednesday morning and set off for the South Col. Ade decided it would be best to return to camp and rest and regroup preparing for another attempt tomorrow. Everybody climbs their own mountain and it’s imperative to pay attention to your body.   Bill, Pemba, Nima, and Jangbu continued on up to Camp 4. The windswept shoulder at 26,300 is a significant step in every expedition. Here climbers cross into the 8,000 meter zone where the human body will simply not recover. Every moment counts at this altitude and the High Adventures Expedition team is making their time count by pushing on. After a few hours rest and rehydration at the South Col, the team set off for the summit at 7PM. They have twelve hours of hard work ahead of them and all of our thoughts and prayers behind them!