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A blessing from Lama Geshi

Participating in traditional ceremonies are an important part of the Everest expedition. We show our respect as we honor these traditions. On Thursday the team stopped at the home of Lama Geshi in Pangboche. Each team member received a blessing for a safe climb. They were given prayer strings and pictures to keep them safe. It was a wonderful experience and very special for each of the team members.


Happy. Healthy and Ready to hike

The full team is continuing their trek to basecamp. Today’s destination is Dingboche but they had to make a stop at the Tengboche monastery, one of the largest Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in the Khumbu region.




Meet the Team

TA is from Newfoundland Canada. She is a university professor of outdoor recreation. This is her ninth trip to Nepal and she is taking a smurf and a donut to the top of Everest. She has 20 schools in Canada and the US following her on the climb.

Acclimatization day in Namche Bazaar

In order to climb Mount Everest, the climbers will induce physicological changes over a period of weeks. Through a complicated physiological process, their bodies gradually become more able to gather and distribute what little oxygen there is at these higher elevations. The team's time in Namche Bazaar is a very important step in preparing for the altitude. Also- there's good coffee!




Lukla at last!

After a lot of waiting on Saturday, we took an early flight to Lukla on Sunday and started our trek to Everest Basecamp. Today, we trekked from Lukla to Monjo where we'll spend the night and plan to continue on to Namche Bazaar on Monday.


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