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Nepal Earthquake

Yesterday a huge earthquake hit Nepal. It was the strongest earthquake for more than 80 years. Many Nepalis have feared for years that a big quake was coming, their worst fears now confirmed. News organizations are reporting over 2000 fatalities, but that number is sure to rise. Hundreds of buildings have collapsed and many more have been so badly damaged that they will need to be razed. Climbers on Everest and other mountains have been hit by avalanches caused by the earthquake. There are many fatalities being reported from Everest basecamp and many more injured.

Himalayan Times Editorial on Nepali Government Mistakes

The Himalayan Times ( a Nepali newspaper) has written an editorial castigating the Nepali government for their bureaucratic failing to provide a clear process for honoring 2014 Everest climbing permits and providing leadership and a "road map" for moving climbing safety and security forward in the Everest region and beyond. The country of Nepal and the economy of the Khumbu region stand to lose huge amounts of tourist/climber money this year. To any outsider looking in, this situation would be laughable if it didn't affect so many people.

UPDATE: 2015 Everest Expedition Cancelled

High Adventure Expeditions has cancelled their 2015 Everest Expedition. Among the reasons for the cancellation High Adventure Expeditions considers the political and social situation surrounding Everest 2015 as too unstable. Climbers invest enormous amounts of personal energy and emotion into planning an Everst climb and uncertainty can quickly undermine this investment. The continued vascillating by the Nepali government, the circling media and the unanswered questions from 2014 all lead us to believe that our climbers will be better served by postponing their climbs until 2016.

Video from Everest's Ice Fall

Have you ever wondered what it is like in the ice fall that leads into the Western Cwm on Everest?
I had seen pictures of the ice fall when I was growing up and imagined what it was like many times before I first saw it.
When I first saw it and climbed it the ice fall was very different than I had imagined it to be. The scale was so much larger, the route was so much more confusing and the seracs were so beautiful and scary at the same time.

Climb Everest in 2015

Join High Adventure Expeditions on our full service, top quality expedition to climb Mt Everest.

This is an expedition for climbers, by climbers with costs starting at $35,000 per person. The best value available anywhere.

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Congratulations Nepali Women's Team

A three member Nepali women's mountaineering team summited K2 yesterday. This was the first ascent of K2 by Nepali women.

Climb Everest as part of a Co-op?!

High Adventure Expeditions has announced that the 2015 Everest Expedition will be run as a co-operative. This means all profits are passed back to the climbers as refunds or cost reductions. We think this is the first time a climbing company has done this and we're happy to lead the way again. 

For more information check out the expedition webpage


News Story about Everest Avalanche

This is a link to a news story that aired on Friday April 18th, the day that 16 Sherpas were killed in an avalanche on Mt Everest. High Adventure Expeditions's Hugo Searle talks about what happened and what a huge blow this is to the Sherpa community. 

Everest Changes - What the Press doesn't understand.

There has recently been a lot of new stories about changes to Nepal's rules concerning climbing Everest. I'm here to tell you that (unsuprisingly) the press doesn't know what they're talking about. First lets look at cost:

The Cost of Climbing Everest

This is a great article by Alan Arnette. Everybody always asks about the costs for expeditions to climb Everest and Alan has done some good research to put together a well written piece.
Check it out here:


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