Ueli Steck

Very sad news: Ueli Steck has been killed in an accident near C2 on Everest.
Ueli was one of the greatest mountaineers of his generation and pioneered the idea of the mountaineer being an athlete. He climbed on Everest in 2012 with High Adventure Expeditions. We will miss his kindness and his energy.

Meeth Me in Kathmandu

The High Adventure Expedition team has made it off the mountain intact. After closing down and packing up basecamp, everybody has returned to Kathmandu to celebrate the conclusion of a successful expedition. The rich and pungent city air of colorful Kathmandu is a welcome change from the monochromatic thin air at basecamp. Now comes the challenge of reintegrating into daily life without the excitement of a mountain outside the door of your tent!

A safe end to a High Adventure Expedition

The High Adventure Expedition team gathered in basecamp on Friday for a celebratory meal and cake. Most mountaineering accidents occur as climbers descend from their highpoints on a mountain. The entire High Adventure Expedition team has safely descended through the icefall and is now gathered at Everest basecamp. In high altitude mountaineering, safety is mandatory while summits are optional. Even though they are leaving the mountain without having the full team summit, the expedition was well represented by Pemba’s ascent of Mt. Everest.

Back to Base

Bill, Pemba, Nima and Jangbu descended from South Col to Camp 2 on Thursday where they will spend the night. They will come down to basecamp tomorrow. Ade is resting in Basecamp after descending from Camp 2 on Thursday. He is resting and recovering today. The full team will regroup in basecamp on Friday and enjoy the relative luxury of 18,000 feet.

First Everest Summit for Pemba

At 3:30 on Thursday morning, Pemba summited Mt. Everest for his first time. He hiked back down to the South Col to rejoin Jangbu, Nima and Bill who remained at the South Col for the night. Bill is struggling with some breathing problems in the thin air and was forced to abandon his summit attempt. Nima and Jangbu stayed at the South Col with Bill and they all plan to head down to Camp 2 to give Bill the greatest opportunity to recover.

Summit push is on !

Bill and Ade woke to clear weather on Wednesday morning and set off for the South Col. Ade decided it would be best to return to camp and rest and regroup preparing for another attempt tomorrow. Everybody climbs their own mountain and it’s imperative to pay attention to your body.   Bill, Pemba, Nima, and Jangbu continued on up to Camp 4. The windswept shoulder at 26,300 is a significant step in every expedition. Here climbers cross into the 8,000 meter zone where the human body will simply not recover.

Cozy is a relative term

Hugo reports that Ade and Bill were ‘cozy in their sleeping bags’ as an unexpected storm pounded the mountain with 60+ mph winds yesterday. The Sherpas opted to descend to Camp 2 as the storm dumped snow on the mountain shutting down forward progress, but Ade and Bill stuck it out at 7,200 meters and stayed in position hoping for clear weather on Wednesday. They plan to head to the South Col during the next weather window and get in place for a dash to the summit. Stay tuned!

Camp 3 !

Ade and Bill have arrived at the High Adventures Expedition's previous high point. They set out from Camp 2 on Monday and climbed the steep ice and snow of the Lhotse face. They arrived at Camp 3 which sits at 23,500 feet and plan to spend the night there before moving up to the South Col. Ade and Bill are both healthy, strong and feeling great.

Kathmandu / Camp 2

The good news: Amit is safe and has recovered after spending a night in a Kathmandu hospital. As the HAEX team left Basecamp for Camp 1 on Saturday, Amit developed Acute Mountain Sickness. AMS is a serious condition that, left untreated, could develop into HAPE or HACE. In a dramatic, hovering rescue, Amit was lifted out of the Khumbu Icefall and delivered to hospital in Kathmandu where doctors could treat his AMS. He will support the team from Kathmandu, but his journey to the summit is over.


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