Left turn to Gokyo

The group left Namche this morning following the path towards Everest Basecamp and then took a left hiking over Mong La. The terrain in this region is steep, carved by many years of melting glaciers. Climbers and trekkers navigate up and down mountains by crossing a pass called a La in Nepal. We will get plenty of experience ascending and descending passes on this trek.

The Group

Ade lives in Cornwall, England and spent 22 years in the British Army. He left the army after breaking his femur in a parachuting accident, and decided the best course of action was to take up high altitude mountaineering! This is his third time to Nepal and is looking forward to "bagging" all five summits and a beer back in Kathmandu!

Flight to Lukla and on to Namche Bazar

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In Lukla

Here's a picture of the runway at Lukla, the worlds most dangerous airport. That is Doug in the foreground.

Update from Five Peaks Expedition - Hello from Kathmandu

From Lottie and Ade:   We arrived in Kathmandu on Wednesday - after a pretty long journey - extended now by the 6 hours from Cornwall to Heathrow! This is a really busy place and on the face of it pretty squalid. However I love the hustle and bustle and the Nepalese people are really friendly. There is some real poverty, lots of beggars and children in rags and raw sewage - most upsetting of course are the really mangy dogs and puppies - of which there are hundreds.

Getting ready to leave

Two days in Kathmandu and we're all ready to leave. Not that Kathmandu is not a nice place, it is and fascinating, vibrant and alive too. No, we are all anxious to get into the mountains and start trekking. Tomorrow that should happen. We are scheduled to fly to Lukla tomorrow morning. Those of you who've seen the TV program about the World's 10 most dangerous airports know that Lukla is number 1. So fingers crossed that the weather lets us fly and fingers crossed again for a safe landing!



They fly in from India, Australia, Europe and the Americas. The journeys can last 2 hours or over 50. Travelers from the Midwest in the US have an interesting decision to make in their travel plans: which way round the world do they go?

Because Nepal is almost exactly on the opposite side of the world from the Midwest some will fly across the Pacific and go via Bangkok or Hong Kong. Others will fly east through the Gulf.

Expedition Begins

We're finally here!  Its time for another expedition!!
The Five Peaks Expedition has begun.  Right now Hugo, Brad, Doug, Lottie and Ade have begun their journeys to Kathmandu. It can take two days of travelling to reach Nepal, or less if you're coming from Hong Kong (like Doug).  Once we have all arrived in Kathmandu we'll begin regular blog updates on the expedition, starting with bio's on everyone and some information on the mountains we'll be climbing.
Check our latest Twitter update to see a picture or the expedition T shirt.

T Shirts

High Adventure Expeditions has a few T shirts for sale.  They are black and $20.  Picture to follow.
Also, today the T shirts for the Five Peaks Expedition arrived.  Look for a picture of this shirt being worn in Kathmandu next week!!

Time to Get Ready

Its that time of year when climbers who will be heading to the Himalayas in a couple of months get serious about making sure they're ready to go.